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My name is Linn Kamilla, I am a qualified physiotherapist at NTNU, Faculty of Medicine and Health. I am a private practicing physiotherapist at Gravås Physiotherapy in Sistranda, Frøya. I am also a trained equestrian physiotherapist at NFF, the Norwegian Physiotherapy Association. I offer equestrian physiotherapy at Kvernhusvolden farm in Hamarvika.

I have experience as a physiotherapist from St.Olavs Hospital, where I have had practice and worked at both Fysmed clinics ("Acquired brain injury" and "Neck, shoulder back").
I also worked on AHL (acute heart lung) and the gastrosurgeon/surgical heavy monitoring. From St. Olavs, I have experience with, among other things:
-Pulmonary physiotherapy
-Training/mobilization after surgery
-Cardiac rehabilitation (group training via video and attendance)
- Claudication
-Back school "Vertebrae"
-Interdisciplinary collaboration

I also have experience as a physiotherapist at Trondheim municipality, children and adults.
From the municipality, I have experience with, among other things:
-Rehabilitation acquired brain injury
-Rehabilitation after surgery/prostheses
- Arranging physical activity/training at home
- Children and young people

Before I qualified as a physiotherapist, I worked for 10 years as a lift fitter in Trondheim. I take the experience and understanding I have from a physically demanding profession with me into the physiotherapy profession. I have good competence in work with HSE and organisation/planning during heavy work.

My Courses:
- Therapeutic Massage
-Sports injury, Olympiatoppen
-MTT- Medical exercise therapy
- CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, St. Olavs Hospital
-Course in horse management and rider test at the Norwegian Horse Centre

*What does MNFF mean?
This means that I am a member of the Norwegian Physiotherapists Association, and authorized according to the Health Personnel Act

I speak Norwegian and English

Linn Kamilla L. Gravås

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