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Treatment course

Mitt Mål

Gi deg:


-kunnskap -trygghet 

The first visit always starts with a conversation. Here you can present your medical history, your wishes and goals. A thorough examination is then carried out to uncover possible causes of your ailments, and to assess the best possible measures.

The result of this is always seen in connection with your life situation. I use a number of different treatment modalities, and your treatment will be adapted to you and your needs.

For follow-up/further treatment, I will, together with you, continuously assess the effect of the treatment, and the duration/course of the treatment. My goal is for you to get the tools and knowledge you need to feel confident in taking care of your own health.


Hjelp til å finne balansen

Mellom aktivitet og hvile

Treatment can improve function, be preventive, rehabilitative, change thought patterns, reduce or remove pain. I use several different treatment modalities within the field of physiotherapy. Some examples of this could be:

- Knowledge transfer
-guidance and awareness-raising
-Joint mobilization
-Soft tissue treatment
- Relaxation exercises
-MTT- medical training therapy

Exercise and physical activity are well-documented as treating medicine, but it can be difficult to find the right balance between activity and rest. My expertise lies in prescribing appropriate and effective training for various and complex disease scenarios.


What is treated



Handler om å se hele mennesket

Acute or long-term pain and ailments/illness in the musculoskeletal system:
-neck, shoulder
-arm, wrist, hand
-foot, ankle
- crooked
-headache, dizziness
-Training/rehabilitation after surgery or illness
-Training/rehabilitation after acquired brain damage

Wondering if I can help you? Get in touch for a non-binding conversation. Contact information can be found here

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